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Friday, April 22, 2011

in the spotlight: the wolf and i

Drum roll please...another brand new retailer - the wolf and i - make their Malvern debut!

Describe your business and your background
Between the two of us we have experienced quite a lot!!.
Sam – I have been in the rag trade forever...i have worked all sides of the industry, retail, wholesale and manufacturing. At the moment I manage my own fashion agency and run a small children’s clothing label Ohme Ohmi. Starting a clothing label seemed like the next step. I grew up surrounded by clever women, my mum and Nana have passed on their talents and have been a huge inspiration. We are also very fortunate that I have a seamstress as my mother in-law who has been a fabulous help for Pip & I, making limited edition garments and tweaking patterns. I have always loved being in the fashion industry even though it can be a little tough at times. And that’s right, nearly forgot...I have lovely partner and three gorgeous boys!!
Pip -  I have established a great reputation with Pip& Maude and was more than keen to throw something new into the mix!. Having done a degree in graphic communication and worked in the industry for many years, once children came into the equation I had to give up the deadlines and ridiculous hours. Working to some capacity creatively always ... freelance graphic design, painting children's furniture, production designer on an SBS television series ... what ever project I could put my hands on and something that would fit into my responsibilities as a mother. Something new and challenging. Becoming a single mother put urgency on finance and from a fun hobby with a very good friend and a way to meet the neighbours was born what is now Pip & Maude. I have always had an interest in fashion ... not labels and names but developing my own individual style and trying my best not to follow the trends.
Although our backgrounds are quite different we both have a lot to offer our label. Together we have been able to find a comfortable balance with our work and our family life, albeit a little hectic at times.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Seeing our dream come to fruition. We have both worked solo for numerous years in our own respective businesses and it is nice to be able to have someone else to bounce ideas around with and keep motivation at it's peak.
Describe your workspace or where you create
We can often be found with our laptops and sketch pads at our favourite St Kilda haunts. We love the idea of not working from an office space or working to a strict timetable.

What’s your own personal style?
While we both have our own sense of personal style we both agree it is layered, comfortable, easy, unique, relaxed and effortless...even though it does take quite an effort to dress effortlessly!
If money were no object what would you buy?
Describe your typical workday?
Coffee!! List making. Crossing things off that list. More Coffee! Designing The Wolf and I doesn’t seem like work, it is more like a break from our everyday lives!
What business advice would you give to those just starting out?
Start small, dream big! Be willing to make mistakes and ask questions.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?
Launching The Wolf and I at Magnolia Square in April and seeing people wear our clothing. We are looking forward to seeing how The Wolf and I organically evolves.
What three words best describe you?
Busy, busy, busy

What is playing on your iPod right now?
Pip - kd lang and the Siss Boom Bang "Sing out loud"
Sam -  Angus and Julia Stone + Sarah Blasko 
Please tell us your blog/website link
Cant wait for our website and online store to go live. It should be all up and going over the next couple of the meantime you can find us on Facebook!

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