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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

in the spotlight: earthtribe

Earthtribe brings the beauty of two cultures and ethical trade to Malvern this weekend, don't miss it!

Describe your business and your background...
Earthtribe started a couple of years ago with a love for textiles, hand crafted gifts and a desire to support an ethical model of trade. I grew up in India, have a background in design and literature and a passion for traditional crafts. I now call Australia home and am lucky enough to be able to tap into two cultures.  Earthtribe has allowed me to use some of my skills, keep alive my interest in crafts  and to travel, all in the name of work! 
What is your favourite part of the job?
I get very excited when I come across a group that can interpret ideas from paper to object, this could be a potter, a weaver or an embroiderer. The journey of an idea from conception to finished product and the shared smiles it brings is what I cherish the most!  

Describe your workspace or where you create
My work is very collaborative so the workspace can be on a rug in an Indian village, amidst yarns and piles of fabric, in a block printing studio or a wood carver's shed! 
What’s your own personal style? 
Eclectic, comfortable and timeless.
If money were no object what would you buy? 
A multiple air ticket to travel the world with my hubby and kids , a large house by the sea for all our friends to visit and spend time with. 

Describe your typical workday
A cup of tea, school drop off , head to my desk, check emails and collate orders, prepare dispatch, follow up on things under production, plan for events ahead and all the other things life throws at you in between!
What business advice would you give to those just starting out?
Take the time to research and plan. Stay true to who you are as a business. Be prepared to spend lots more time and energy than you anticipate but enjoy the journey! 

What are you looking forward to in 2011? 
Our first Magnolia square event in Malvern, the launch of a few new products and a holiday with the family sometime soon!
What three words best describe you?  
Determined,  adaptable, loyal
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