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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

in the spotlight: acorn

Another brand new retailer is making their debut at Malvern and you're sure to fall in love with their beautifully crocheted hates, scarves, mittens and more!

Tell us a bit about your business...
Acorn is a boutique children’s accessories label. This season is our very first season after quite a few years dreaming, designing and planning! The range is predominately focused on beautiful crocheted hats as I simply love this amazing craft but we also feature other styles of knitting in the range as well as scarves and mittens. The run-away success story of this first season has been the character hats with the Owl, Bear, Froggie and Pirate inspired beanies causing quite a stir with both kids and Mums alike!
What inspired you to start your business?
I have always wanted to do something for myself one day, for the creativity as much as the sense of achievement. I have spent over 10 years in various positions in the apparel industry and felt the idea, product and the timing was right to take the plunge. I spend lots of late night working at home after working all day elsewhere to get things off the ground but it has all been worth it.

What’s your own personal style?
For my home I am always drawn to anything a little bit French provincial as well as vintage and handmade pieces that have warmth and character. For me personally I can be heels and dresses one day and strictly trainers the next, just depends on the mood, but every outfit always looks better with some accessories.

Describe your typical workday...
I run Acorn as well as a provide Accounting and Consulting services to a few clients. Currently the Consulting consumes three to four days a week and then Acorn is the other days (and nights) spent working from home.  It involves lots of to do list so I can remember just where I left off with a particular task!
Where would we find you on a typical weekend?
Usually my family and I will try to get to a park for some exercise and fresh air on a Saturday morning, a run around the Tan or Princes Park is such a great way to start the weekend. My running is on hold at the moment as I am pregnant with my second child but I will be back pounding the pavement again soon.  A brisk walk trying to keep up with my daughter on her bike is keeping me fit for now. We also love to go to the South Melbourne Market and get lots of great fresh food for the week.

What business advice would you give to those just starting out?
I found the key to my own motivation and commitment was to find a product that I loved and was passionate about. 
What is your website?

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