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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

luscious & lovely colour

Sunday morning was glorious in Melbourne and I was excited to be out and about enjoying it.  The Mozi windows in Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn got me like they do every time and before I knew it i was oohing and ahhing about every darn thing in the shop.  I was admiring their small but spot on collection of jewellery when I spotted these beautiful shiny bauble like wooden beads in the most TO DIE FOR colours you can imagine.

I admired them for some time before leaving empty handed (which by the way took a ridiculous amount of restraint!). The artist was Kristina Klarin; something was ringing a bell.  A little bit of research took me to her blog colour stripes and then the penny dropped!  Kristina has done a couple of blog posts for us in the past, here and here. How did I not know that she also created these amazing necklaces?

Kristina's inspiration for colour comes from the everyday, like the colour of petals & leaves in a puddle or the worn and peeling paint from a door 100 years old.  Kristina is an avid traveller and records in journeys in images.

See her work at Mozi in Hawthorn or online here. Dont miss the spring collection here.

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