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Sunday, June 13, 2010

sister act.....

Mookah is about a journey of two sisters through a change of location, lifestyle and a dream to do something together.

Little sis Lulu and big sis Colli had always dreamt of running a business or doing something together, but distance was always a barrier so they said hello to a sea change to Inverloch and said goodbye to the excuses! Over a few glasses of festive wine a little business called "Mookah" was created!

The home decor range is predominately inspired by the beautiful surrounds of their new homes; with botanical infused prints and neutrally toned fabrics. With a collection of softies, scatter cushions and fabulous floor cushions, Mookah will keep you comfy indeed! If you missed the girls at Randwick, pop into the etsy store or hold out until our next event in Malvern!

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