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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the night after...

We are all busy bees here in Sydney gearing up for the launch of Magnolia Square. The line up is incredible and we know you are going to love everything you see!

Serious shoppers are in for a big day..sleep santuary has just the thing for the wind down! A business based on a good nights sleep, Sleep Sanctuary firmly believes that in today's busy world, sleep time should be the most restful, rejuvenating and relaxing time of day.

"After experiencing the "2am worry-ups" for many years, aptly named because of the sudden 2am wake-up spent worrying about looming deadlines and everything else, we discovered a magic essential oil that instantly soothed and calmed us back to sleep, putting aside our worries to a more reasonable time of day"

Sleep time is the only time most women have to themselves these days. In the wise words of Faith Popcorn, "In our quest to have it all, somebody still has to do it all". Sleep Sanctuary has therefore been created to make bedtime a soothing, relaxing experience - a time of retreat to a luxurious, cocooning oasis.

See these and other fabulous retailers TOMMORROW at Magnolia here for more info.

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