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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Retailer In Focus..... Lottie and Louis.

We are delighted to introduce you to Kate Mcdonald from Lottie and Louis and are thrilled to showcase her gorgeous children' s boutiques. Here she takes us through the process that has taken her from one store in Port Fairy VIC to opening her second store in Warrnambool.

What inspired you to open your own children's wear store?
I guess being in retail all my life and having a passion for design and fashion inspired me to open a children's store. I originally always wanted to be an interior designer but the opportunity never arose but was always creative and after making and selling kids clothes to a local store when I was 15 you could say its in the blood. I then worked as a visual merchandiser where I realized I could do it myself and realized a brilliant kids shop was desperately needed in the area. Not just a good one but a beautiful one! I love the idea of making another child's room special or making them look divine in the most beautiful clothes i can find. Just want to be able to find the most divine things and be able to share them with others.

How did a second store come to be?
The second store was opened because it was always a part of the bigger picture and when I do something I don't do it by halves. I found no other children's store in Warrnambool compared in price, atmosphere and quality as Lottie & Louis but found that customers looking for a baby present often wouldn't make the trip to Port fairy so I brought it to them. This meant tapping into another market and an extra 30,000 customers from Warrnambool and surrounding districts.

What challenges have you faced?
Getting the name out there! It is a timely process establishing a business and developing a customer base that has belief in us.

Why do your customers stay loyal?
They know Lottie & Louis will always provide the ultimate in customer service because I am constantly instilling in my staff that without customers we don't have a business. We listen to what our customers want and we appreciate their feedback, (probably most crucial part of our business) and of course doing all this in the most beautifully presented atmosphere. I believe experience is another reason customers stay loyal and with over 15 years experience in merchandising, training and management I feel I am qualified to know what my customers want.

What makes you smile?
Seeing my children laugh.

Lottie and Louis
Shop 1 Bank Street
Port Fairy 3284
03 55681809
97 Kepler Street
Warnambool VIC

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